Mark van der Poel

My story.

I’m an art-director and interactive designer with six years of experience. After some great years of working at Supersteil, I recently joined Tam Tam.

I work passionately on every case I jump on and I love working on various different projects in a row or at the same time.
I try to connect to the company I work at so much, that you could say my portfolio is their portfolio. Or the other way around. So to show you what I do, I’d like to refer you to the company portfolio’s I have worked at.

Tam Tam

Of course there’s a story behind each and every project. And I’d be delighted to tell you all about it over a good, strong espresso. #insertHipsterJoke

Want to add an epilogue?

My story doesn’t have to end here. Maybe you can help me progress.
Send me an email or a message via Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin and who know’s where it’ll go…